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Live molecular dynamics simulation for chemistry teaching and experimentation

The source code and releases for SimChemistry for Windows are now on GitHub; this specific site may be discontinued in future. See:

This program is quite old now, but has a lot of useful 2D molecular dynamics algorithms included, with plenty of explanatory comments. So that others can benefit from this work, the source code is kept available there.

About SimChemistry for Windows

SimChemistry for Windows allows you to set up, run and interactively modify simulations on your PC representing microscopic physical systems. You can play existing demo simulations (including those supplied) to learn about the molecular-level behaviour behind macroscopic chemical phenomena, or record your own to show others. You may introduce any number of types of molecules, with their own masses, radii and colours, and specify how each pair of types of molecule should interact -- be it through hard billiard-ball type collisions or through attractive Lennard-Jones interactions with user-settable parameters. Observe the behaviour of solids, liquids, gases, and mixtures; apply pressure with moving pistons and measure quantities with monitor regions. Add annotations anywhere to explain the action on screen. Plot XY graphs of changing quantities, and modify parameters via on-screen controls.


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