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Executable program installer including demos

Use the "Install" option in WinZip, or unzip all files to a temporary directory and run setup.exe to complete the installation.

Click here to download (v2.20) (897KB)

Help file

The help included with that installer is in .hlp format, which does not work with recent versions of Windows. Here it is in .chm format which is usable today:

Download SimChemistryHelp.chm.

Microsoft have released versions of WinHlp32.exe to allow the .hlp links to work for Windows 7 and 8, but not Windows 10.

System Requirements

SimChemistry for Windows 2.2 should run under any 32-bit version of Windows (95 or higher). (But see note above about the online help.)

Source code

This is an old project now, and was originally developed using tools that are obsolete (though the installed program above still works under Windows 10). I have made a few modifications so that it still builds with the latest (free, subject to conditions) tool from Microsoft: Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. Hence this is now v2.22, from v2.20 above.

While the program may be old, the (heavily commented) 2D molecular dynamics algorithms may be useful to others, so I would like to share the source code. This package also includes a design overview document to aid understanding, which also helps with practical tool matters if you wish to build it as-is for Windows.

This is released under the Apache License, v2.0.

Download source code and documentation package v2.22.

The algorithms include:

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who finds this useful!

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